Virtual Secretary


People who don’t understand how online jobs work these days tend to think “virtual secretary” or “virtual answering service” when they hear the words “virtual employee.” Even now, business process outsourcing (BPO) providers are usually referred to as "call centers."


But the BPO industry has evolved, and thanks to the developments of the past decade, computer information technology now allows other services to be administered online. BPO isn’t just about call centers or virtual secretary services anymore: the industry has expanded as more and more businesses now depend on web technology for their operations. Instead of just virtual secretary services, businesses can now hire a wide variety of cloud-based employees.


So why should you hire cloud-based employees? Hiring people on the cloud offers many benefits to your business and eliminates the usual problems associated with hiring US-based employees. Here’s what you get when you take advantage of virtual services:

• Virtual staff will perform your required tasks at lower salary rates

• The cloud services provider handles the process of hiring and maintaining your virtual staff

• Employer wage taxes do not apply to cloud-based employees

• Work conflicts are minimized and work-related legal liabilities are eliminated


At English Cloud Administrative Services (ECAS), we can offer you more than just a call center agent or virtual secretary: we provide a wide variety of cloud-based employees that have the knowledge, skills and attitude for any work task. We have professionals specializing in content writing, Internet marketing/SEO, media buying, and other fields. And if the employee that you require is not on our list, we can even help you find an employee to suit your needs.


Though we are a fairly new company, our services have been of great value to our clients, and their testimonials have been glowing. Our clients thought at first they were just hiring a call center or virtual secretary service, but we exceeded their expectations by providing accountants, paralegals, and much more - all through the cloud!


Our services are available in the United States. For more information, please go to our Contact Us page and send us your questions or comments. Thank you very much for visiting our website.