Virtual Call Center


Back when the notion of an “online workforce” was in its infancy, the best you could expect was simple jobs such as virtual secretary or virtual call center services. The information technology infrastructure back then simply couldn’t support anything more complicated than virtual call center services.


Thanks to the continued development of information technology, there are now tools available that allow a wide variety of tasks to be delivered online, instead of just virtual call center services. In the past decade, the BPO industry has expanded from simple virtual call center services to include media buying, marketing and SEO, content writing, and many others..


There are four ways businesses can benefit from cloud-based services:

• With cloud-based employees, you get professionals with the same competency as US-based employees at much lower   salary rates.

 • Cloud-based administrative service providers handle the hiring process for you.

 • With cloud-based employees, you don’t have to worry about employer wage taxes.

 • Hiring through the cloud eliminates the risk of legal liabilities associated with work.


At English Cloud Administrative Services (ECAS), we offer staffing solutions for any virtual administrative service that you could possibly need. We are not a virtual call center: we offer something much better than that. Our extensive hiring process can provide you with professionals that have the skills, knowledge, and attitude for your business needs. We have people who specialize in fields including content writing, Internet marketing/SEO, and media buying. Because of the variety of our services, we can provide staff for virtually any industry. And if the employee you are looking for is not on our list, we can help you find an employee to suit your needs.


English Cloud Admin. Services is here to make things simple. With us, you can now focus more on your business’s core competencies and returns. Let English Cloud Administrative Services help you achieve success!


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