Telephone Answering Services


The BPO industry may have started out with companies that functioned as a customer service call center, but thanks to advances in information technology, it’s now possible to deliver a wide variety of office tasks online. Today, BPOs that provide telephone answering services form only a small subgroup of the entire industry.


Cloud-based services can benefit practically any kind of business. In addition to cutting the overhead costs of a physical office, outsourcing provides the following benefits:


• Virtual employees that have the same qualifications as US-based employees at a fraction of the salary cost

• Cloud-based administrative service providers that handle hiring and maintaining employees

• Exemption from employer wage taxes

• Freedom from work-related legal liabilities


Since outsourcing can provide much more for your business than just telephone answering services, why not take the plunge? And if you want the best virtual office services available, there’s no better partner than English Cloud Administrative Services (ECAS)!


English Cloud Admin. Services doesn’t offer  telephone answering services: instead, we offer staffing solutions for a wide variety of virtual office tasks. Our innovative staff hiring and maintenance system can guarantee you professionals that have the qualifications, skills, and work ethic to suit your precise business needs. Instead of telephone answering services, we have experts in content writing, Internet marketing/SEO, media buying, graphic design, debt acquisition, data entry, and more. And if the employee you are looking for is not on English Cloud Administrative Services’ list, we can help you find the employee you need.



While these virtual employees work from our office, they work for your business on a full-time basis. And because US laws don’t apply to a virtual office, you can say goodbye to profit-stealing employer wage taxes and frivolous work-related lawsuits.


It’s time to wake up and discover that BPOs don’t just provide telephone answering services anymore. With English Cloud Admin. Services as your partner, you have access to the full range of opportunities that outsourcing can offer. Take advantage of the virtual office and let English Cloud Administrative Services make business easier for you!


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