Staffing Companies


Many people assume that virtual assistance service services and outbound or inbound call centre services are one and the same thing. While it’s true that online staffing companies were limited to such services when they first started a decade ago, times have changed, and this outdated picture of the BPO industry needs to left in the past where it belongs.


The online staffing companies of today have branched out from their ancestors thanks to the power of the Internet: increasing bandwidth and advancing technology have made it possible to deliver complex office tasks through the cloud in addition to simple call centre services. In addition to taking orders and handling customer service, staffing companies can now offer services such as writing, graphic design, media buying, and much more.


At English Cloud Administrative Services, we take pride in helping to bring online staffing companies into the 21st century. At ECAS, we provide business of all sizes, from small businesses to large corporations, with a wide variety of American English-based administrative services. Unlike old-fashioned staffing companies, English Cloud Administrative Services offers qualified professionals capable of handling any task our clients require. We have writers, graphic designers, media buyers, marketing experts, and many others.  All these people and more can work for your company on a full-time basis. And if your business needs a task handled that’s not in our list of services, we can find someone to handle that task for you.


At English Cloud Administrative Services, you can save money with lower salaries and skip over the whole tedious employment process. We can also help you avoid having to deal with the wage taxes, work conflicts, and legal liabilities that usually plague US-based employers.


Our services are available in the United States. If you’re interested or if you have any inquiries, please go to our Contact Us page and feel free to leave any questions or comments. Thank you very much for visiting our website.