Live Answering Service


Over the past decade, business process outsourcing (BPO) has evolved from providing only telephone answering services to being capable of handling a wide array of specialized office tasks thanks to new advances in information technology. The proliferation of broadband internet, cloud-based file hosting, online chat platforms, and more efficient office tools paved the way for opportunities far removed from live answering services.


Businesses of all kinds are now taking advantage of outsourcing, and ignoring the BPO trend can only leave you out in the cold. There are many ways you can benefit by hiring virtual employees for a live answering service or other office work:

 • Virtual employees work for you at lower salary rates.

 • The cloud-based administrative service provider handles hiring for you.

 • You’re exempt from employer wage taxes that eat your profits.

 • You avoid the hassle of work-related lawsuits.



In short, hiring virtual employees reduces your operating costs and boosts your returns. Why spend money on a physical office when you can save money with a virtual office? And for hiring virtual employees, you won’t find a better partner than English Cloud Administrative Services (ECAS)!


At English Cloud Admin. Services, we don’t provide a live answering service: instead, we provide highly qualified cloud-based employees that can perform any online office task you need. With our innovative hiring and maintenance system, we ensure that your virtual employees have the knowledge, skills, and attitude to fit any job description. Because we handle the interviewing and selection of personnel, you save time and effort on the hiring process. While these virtual employees work from our office, they work for you on a full-time basis!


While other BPOs only offer a live answering service, English Cloud Administrative Services provides online writers, Internet marketers, SEO experts, media buyers, commercial collection agents, graphic designers, data entry professionals, and more! In addition, hiring people through the cloudlets you avoid the common pitfalls of hiring US-based employees, such as employer wage taxes and work-related lawsuits.


Don’t assume that BPOs can only offer a live answering service! English Cloud Admin. Services gives you a chance to make business easier. Partner with us and find out what a virtual office can do for you!


Our services are available in the United States. For more information, please go to our Contact Us page and send us your questions or comments. Thank you very much for visiting our website.